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According to a recent survey by Find/SVP, "38% of Internet users presently seek out medical information on the Web".

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"Are you relocating? Looking for a different health care plan? Trying to find health care services in your own area? Check out Doctorline -- The ultimate directory for your health care needs. With a click of your mouse, you can find complete listings of medical facilities, health care plans, and health care specialists in any area of the country. If you need information about a particular topic, Doctorline offers disease and problem specific resources on everything from drug abuse to transplantation".

Doctorline was featured in Crain's New York Business in their Nov. 18th issue about health care on the Web.


Our Doctors and Dentists listing is organized by State, then by City/Town and Specialty. Our Medical Facilities and Care Plans Providers are organized alphabetically by State. If you are looking for disease specific or general health information, be sure to check out our Health Links also. Our newest category, Health Products, is designed to give health and medical product/services companies the opportunity to reach a targeted market. If you are a doctor or dentist and recognize that having a Home Page on Doctorline will give you a strong competitive edge in the marketplace, find out how to Join Us .


Part of our mission is to provide you, the health care consumer, with pertinent and helpful information. For this reason, we have created a new category called HEALTH INFORMATION. Our first entries in this section are Common Medical Terms and Toll Free Health Lines. We are working on a very large information bank covering signs and symptoms of high incidence illnesses. This excellent resource has been provided by one of our medical facilities, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. As this information is ready, we will add it to our Health Information section.

Doctorline is the most comprehensive and fastest growing "medical services directory" on the Web. It is our purpose to be "the Ultimate Directory" for the consumer to locate doctors, medical facilities and health coverage information in one easy-to-find and consumer-friendly location. We also want to serve our subscribers by offering an Internet resource that consistently attracts repeat viewers from around the country.

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